Dyson DC33 Review – The Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson has really created an awesome upright vacuum cleaner DC33 multi floor for the consumers who wants to clean the carpet area mainly. There is no doubt that this is one of the best vacuum cleaner by Dyson and so many consumers already loved it. Dyson Dc33 multi floor upright vacuum cleaner is in demand and people buy this vacuum because it comes with 2 different modes. You can use it on carpet as well as on hardwood floors as it works great on carpet or rugs and also there is an option to use it on hardwood floors too. Which makes it more good and also there is HEPA filtration system in this vacuum which is plus point.

For so many consumers across the globe, Dyson vacuum cleaners always been first choice. Dyson DC33 vacuum is a bagless vacuum and it is really best if you want to clean the large carpet areas. Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum cleaner is a large machine which is great at filtering any debris or dust while cleaning. The modern style of this vacuum assure you no loss of suction while cleaning and also as it is a upright vacuum you can just turn it on and take it wherever you want to clean.

Dyson DC33 is updated version of Dyson DC14 and they have just upgraded it. But there is no “animal” features in DC33 vacuum and also no ball technology. But it has really powerful suction and long cord and also less price as compared to others Dyson upright models.

Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Review

There is no doubt people love the Dyson vacuums as they are known for the quality. I know they are costly but you always get what you are paying for. Dyson DC33 is very cheap as compared to the other Dyson upright vacuums. Also, there are almost every necessary feature in DC33 model which you need. Like other upright vacuum cleaners there is also a hose on the back of this vacuum, which will help you to clean under the furniture of from the top wall corners etc.

The hose which is placed on it’s back is 15 feet long and with this you can easily clean the ceiling with extended reach. Company stated it as lightweight vacuum cleaner but as it’s weight is 17 pounds, I don’t think it will be lightweight for everyone. There are also some useful attachment included like stair brush and upholstery brush.

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Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Features

Dyson DC33 model is multi floor cleaning vacuum cleaner like other upright models of Dyson and it can clean all type of floors very well. It is specially best for carpet and hardwood floor and it’s Root Cyclone technology helps it to not to loose suction while cleaning. Below I am sharing all features of Dyson DC33 read them carefully before buying.

Ease of Use

DC33 is a bagless vacuum cleaner which is also a upright vacuum cleaner and its pretty simple to use this vacuum. There is no need of so much power to move it and also there is a simple dial to clean the carpet or hard floors.

While cleaning the hardwood the brush always stay off as if it is on it can scratch your floor, but while cleaning the carpet area brush will spin and it will clean it from the deep inside the carpet. So with that simple dial you can set it to carpet or hardwood mode.

Also cord length of this vacuum is very impressive as it comes with 35 feet cord. Which is awesome and it will help you to clean the large area of your home without changing outlets. There is also a quick release knob you can turn down to take the entire cord off right away. The hose placed on the back will help you to clean the stairs, wall and under the furniture and length of that hose is also impressive 15.7 feet.


Noise of a vacuum is common but if it is loud then it’s a problem for everyone in your family. So it’s good to buy a quiet vacuum cleaner and this vacuum is not so loud vacuum cleaner. However, as it comes with powerful suction and it’s a upright vacuum it creates a little bit of sound while cleaning. As per the decibel reader registered it makes 75 to 80 decibels of sounds which is normal.


Maneuverability is very important of a vacuum and this vacuum is 14 inches wide and it doesn’t fit good for smaller spots. But for the large and wide areas it’s really provides superb cleaning.

It’s also not easy to clean the under the furniture with the vacuum head as it’s large rear wheels will prevent to do so. But it’s hose can help you to clean these type of areas and cleaning around the furniture is very easy, just push the vacuum to the place and get the place cleaned.

To store it you need some space as it’s a large vacuum so you have to clear extra space for it.


Dyson DC33 filtering system is quite impressive as once the dirt it sucks never comes back out. There is also HEPA filtration system in this vacuum which helps it to clean the air for better breathe.

It’s HEPA filters traps microscopic allergens and clean the air, which helps to get better air for breathing. Also it is best for those who have allergies problem.

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Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Performance

Dyson DC33 performance on multi floors is excellent and it really gives nice cleaning on different type of floors. The suction power is excellent and also filtration system is superb too. There is no debris and dust left on the floor and you will always get clean area.

Performance on Hard Floors

On the hardwood floors it really cleans well and there is also a button to turn off the brush bar to prevent it from scratching your floor. In that way it will not hurt or damage your hardwood floor.

As it has powerful suction it will easily clean the spaces between woods and also it can suck the dirt and debris very well.

Performance on Carpets

Dyson DC33 is truly known for cleaning the carpets as it does tremendous job on the carpets. You can get really great cleaning with just one pass and it can clean anything from your carpet.

It really sucks all the debris too with and with it’s HEPA filtration it will clean the air too. It can also clean the small particles like flour or hairs too because of good suction power.

With it’s brush roll it will deep clean your carpet and you will get more good cleaning with it and pet hairs can be removed in 2-3 passes. But it will remove those too for sure.

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  • Long cord
  • Suction strength is excellent
  • Great design
  • Never have to buy filters or bags
  • A flawless filtering system.
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Not loud
  • Best for both carpet and floors
  • Weight is 17 pounds
  • Need extra space for storage
  • Hose is on awkward place

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