Hoover UH30300 T-Series WindTunnel Bagged Upright Vacuum Review

Hoover UH30300 is not a good looking vacuum cleaner but when it comes to cleaning it gives impressive performance.

It’s a bagged corded upright vacuum cleaner, so if you are also tired of cleaning the parts of your bagless vacuum and looking for a vacuum cleaner where you don’t need to do that job.

Then Hoover T-Series WindTunnel UH30300 is perfect choice for you. It’s a budget friendly bagged vacuum, so you can just clean the dirt, dust and pet hair etc. from your house then put the dust bag in dustbin.

This vacuum may not be the premium model you want but in this price range Hoover UH30300 is really good choice.

It’s another best vacuum under $150 and in this price range it offers you variety of useful features. It comes with user friendly design so you can clean your house easily and effortlessly.

Fingertip controls let’s you control the vacuum easily and the 5-position height controller allows you to adjust the height of brush roll according to the floor type.

Hoover UH30300 Review

This under budget vacuum cleaner provides various useful features. We are going to list them below and explaining what they can do.

Like it comes with WindTunnel Technology, HEPA filters, Brush Roll Height adjustment and some more.

Let’s check the features of this vacuum cleaner:-

1. HEPA Filters

It’s really good to have HEPA filters inside your vacuum cleaner, because HEPA filters, filter and traps 99.97% of dust & pollen down to 0.3 microns. So after cleaning you will get fresh, clean and perfect breathable air.

2. WindTunnel Technology

Hoover provides WindTunnel technology which helps to go the vacuum deep down into the carpet and it removes the embedded dirt which a normal vacuum can not do.

3. 5-Position Height Adjustment

It comes with switch which can be used to the adjust the height of brush roll on the main head.

Yes it comes with brush roll so it can clean the carpets very well. If you have thick carpets then you can adjust the height and make the brush roll down and it will get all the dirt and hairs out of the carpets.

Also you can adjust the height of brush roll again to clean the thin carpets.

So it’s really a good feature to have and it will help you to clean all type of carpets easily.

4. On/Off Brush Roll Switch

This is really good feature to have in your vacuum. Because there won’t be carpets all over house and we are sure you also have hard floor in your house.

So cleaning the hard floor with brush roll on, is not wise. Because brush roll can hurt your laminate or hardwood floor.

But if you can turn off the brush roll then you can clean the hard floors too without hurting.

Hoover take care of it by adding this feature in Hoover UH30300.

5. User Friendly Controls

It comes with easy controls so you can operate the vacuum easily. With the help of controls on the handle you can easily start using the vacuum.

Also there is button on the head to turn on/off the brush roll which you can use with foot without bending.

Hoover also added one-touch bag door release for fast access to the dust bag. So you can easily remove the bag without getting your hands dirty.

6. LED Indicators

This bagged vacuum cleaner comes with LED indicators which tells you when the bagged is filled with dirt.

Not all the vacuums comes with this feature but you are getting it in Hoover UH30300.

7. Cord Length

Another good thing about this vacuum is that it comes with good cord length which is 30 feet long.

It’s really helps to clean the bigger room without changing the outlets.

It may not seems a big feature but you will see the change after using for few times.

8. Combination upholstery tool and dusting brush

It comes with a combination of upholstery tool and dusting brush which can be used to clean the stairs and sofa seats, couches and other similar things.

The suction power is similar in both mode so you will be able to pick everything with it.

9. Crevice Tool & Extension Wand

It comes with crevice tool which can be used to clean the curtains or corners etc.

The extension wand is 8 feet. long which helps to pick the large items from floor easily.

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Hoover UH30300 Pros and Cons

  • LED indicators
  • Powerful suction
  • 5-Position height adjustment
  • HEPA filters
  • Great for pet hairs and carpets
  • On/Off brush roll switch
  • Long cord
  • On board attachments
  • Useful attachments
  • Loud
  • No automatic cord rewind
  • Hose length is short

Final Words

It’s a really nice and powerful budget friendly bagged vacuum cleaner.

It comes with useful tools and features to get cleaning done. With it’s 14 inch wide cleaning path you can cover more area in less time.

The weight of this vacuum is 15 lbs. which is really lightweight. So you will be able to carry it anywhere like upstairs or downstairs.

The tools like dust brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool will help you to clean the mess from areas like couches, stairs, curtains and ceiling etc.

Suction power is really strong in this vacuum and HEPA filters makes sure there are no allergens or dirt left behind.

The on/off switch will help you to turn off the brush roll when needed.

Also bags are really inexpensive so you won’t end up spending too much money on bags. But still you need to pay for the bags, but you are choosing it for personal comfort so you won’t get your hands dirty after cleaning the house.

Overall in this price range it is really good vacuum cleaner to buy. Hoover UH30300 provides good suction power and it’s best for pet hair and carpets both.

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