Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Vacuum Review

Shark AX951 is an advanced upright vacuum cleaner which can deep clean carpets and bare floors. Its a full sized upright vacuum which features DuoClean Technology to provide better performance. It features full balance between cost and technology, this bagless vacuum can help you to solve your almost every cleaning problem.

Even though most of the people using robotic vacuums but still Shark Apex AX951 demand is on peak. As it comes with almost every expected feature and nice design, people loving this upright vacuum cleaner.

Shark Apex AX951 features several, very important cleaning technologies like DuoClean, Powered Lift-Away, Noise Reduction, Active-Glide Technology, Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal & detachable canister for portable multi-floor cleaning. So it’s wise to spend your money on this expensive vacuum cleaner.

You are getting lot of value for Shark AX951 as it’s not only makes your cleaning task easier but also improve your life quality. It’s best for the pet owner or for those who are suffering from allergies. Check the review of Shark Apex DuoClean below.

Shark Apex AX951 Review

Shark DuoClean APEX Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning with Powered Lift-Away Hand Vac, HEPA Filter, Anti-Allergy Seal (AX951), Green

Shark AX951 comes with so many useful features to get the better performance. With it’s noise reduction technology you can clean without disturbing anyone. With it’s DuoClean Technology you can deep clean the carpets and also easily clean the bare floor too.

It’s powered lift-away vacuum so you can clean the hard to reach areas while still delivering full power to the brush roll. Just push the button and remove the canister from the nozzle and start using it as canister vacuum. In that position you can easily clean under the furniture, around obstacle, stairs and curtains etc.

Best thing about this vacuum is that it comes with Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, it emits 10x fewer particles than HEPA standards require.

With it’s Active Glide feature you’ll get smooth maneuverability on floors & carpets while maintaining powerful suction. With it’s dynamic swivel steering you can easily clean around anything. In Shark Apex AX951 you will get Under Appliance Wand which is going to help you to clean under hard to reach and move appliance, we are sure you are gonna love that.

It comes with all useful accessories: Under Appliance Wand, Pet Power Brush, Pet Multi-Tool, Duster Crevice Tool, Accessory Bag. With it’s 30 feet long power cord you can clean your room in one go and it’s weight is only 14.5 lbs. It also features LED lights on the floor nozzle so you can see in the dark too and clean the dirt completely from your house.

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Shark Apex AX951 Pros & Cons

  • Controls on the handle
  • Duo Brush
  • LED lights actually help you see what you are doing
  • Quiet
  • Good, Easy-to-clean filters
  • Powered lift away is amazing for stairs
  • Anti-allergen complete seal
  • Long power cord
  • Heavy
  • Not budget friendly

Features Of Shark Apex AX951

DuoClean Technology: Apex AX951 comes with two brushrolls in the main cleaning head and both work and clean together. First brush is soft brush that picks up the dirt and second brush is bristled brush that picks the stubborn dust and hair. This combined brushrolls improve cleaning and picks the long and short human and pet hair, lint, threads, socks etc.

Noise Reduction: There are so many vacuums in the market but mostly people complaints about is noise they make. But Shark AX951 comes with Noise Reduction feature so it will help you to clean the house without scaring your baby or a pet in your house.

Active Glide Technology: It comes with wheels which provides smooth movement and swiveling function while cleaning. If you are about to clean the bare floor then this technology is going to clean your floor without hurting it. With swivel steering mechanism you will be able to clean around the furniture and other objects easily.

Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal: If you have asthma, allergies and other similar type of health problem then this is really helpful and must feature to look into a vacuum. This advanced filtration system Emits 10x fewer particles than HEPA standards require (based on ASTM F1977 down to 0.3 microns). It helps to keep the air breathable, dirt and allergies free and all you gonna get is clean air after cleaning your house with Shark AX951.

Powered Cleaner Head in Lift-Away Mode: The another cool feature which is allowing you to use the vacuum in canister mode too, and in this position you will be able to clean the stairs, under the furniture and curtains etc. without much efforts. You can also attach the require attachment to the nozzle head and clean quickly. Just to be sure, read the manual how to use it and you’ll be able to clean the stairs, upholstery, furniture, under and around beds and sofas, bookshelves, corners and edges etc.

LED Lights: In every house there are dark areas where you can not see the dirt with simple vacuum like under the furniture, corners etc. So Shark Apex AX951 comes with LED lights on it’s main cleaning head, so you can see the dirt in dark areas too and clean easily.

Anti-Allergen Dust Brush: Shark Apex DuoClean vacuum comes with nylon fiber bristle dust brush, which is designed to remove dust, pollen and allergen from any delicate surface very gently.

Duster Crevice Tool: With it’s combined cleaning tool: crevice cleaning tool and dusting brush cleaning tool it becomes very easy to reach the areas like corners or narrow areas. With crevice tool you will be able to clean small, tight and narrow spaces and dusting brush can handle the dust from other surfaces.

Pet Multi-Tool: It’s 2-in-1 combination tool which is designed for delicate tasks and this tool can be used to clean up dust from large piles or dirt and debris. With this pet tool you will be able to easily remove the pet hair from curtains and other similar objects.

Warranty: This vacuum comes with 7-year of warranty.


Shark Apex AX951 is upright vacuum cleaner and according to the official shark website it comes with lifetime filters and belts. No doubt this vacuum is not budget friendly for everyone but it’s worth to buy Shark AX951. Because it’s Air filters are washable are designed to last long, also with minimal maintenance and powerful suction you will get better cleaning always.

Shark always makes versatile vacuums and Apex AX951 is also one and with it’s Advanced Anti-Allergens Complete Seal it provides better and clean air. For the pet owner and house with babies this vacuum is really suitable because of it’s noise reduction technology.

This is really win win product for everyone, while there are cheaper models in the market but still this model promises ultimate house cleaning experience. So you should really give it a try and watch it yourself.

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