Shark NV501 Review – Best 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Under Budget

When it comes to buy vacuum cleaner, you should always check the mobility, because sometimes upright vacuum cleaners fails to clean most of the areas like upholstery, stairs and furniture.

Even upright vacuum comes with hose, sometimes it lacks of reach. So it becomes so irritating and disappointing to clean with that vacuum.

No one likes dust and dirt in their house.

Here we are talking about Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner, Mind the word Lift-Away because it can be turned into canister vacuum.

When it comes to clean every single spot of your house, Shark NV501 can do that for you because of it’s mobility.

With Lift-Away feature you can easily separate the canister from vacuum and clean all those hard to reach areas easily.

It comes with strong suction so it can suck up almost everything.

Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away Hand Vacuum and Anti-Allergy Seal (NV501), Red

Highlights of Shark NV501

  • It comes with Lift-Away option which helps to convert upright vacuum to canister vacuum. So without losing suction it can clean all those hard to reach areas amazingly.
  • Shark NV501 offers LED lights and advanced swivel steering. So you can clean around the furniture easily and also you can clean in the dark areas too because of LED lights.
  • Strong suction allows you to pick anything from any surface. Also there is button to turn the brush roll on or off. So this vacuum can be used to clean both carpet and hard wood floor.
  • As there is brush roll in this vacuum it is able to deep clean the carpet to pick all the embedded dirt which you may missing with your other vacuum.
  • It comes with caddy where you can be used to store all the attachments comes with vacuum.
  • Caddy comes with wheels which makes it easy to carry the canister while you use the vacuum in canister mode. Wheels are made of plastic but covered with rubber so they won’t hurt your hard wood floor.
  • It uses the cyclonic technology to maintain the performance.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter makes sure to trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
  • Useful attachments like Premium Pet Power Brush, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Multi Angle Dusting Brush and Canister Caddy makes it really easy to clean.
  • It includes an XL-capacity dust cup for extended cleaning without interruption.
  • 5 year warranty

Shark NV501 Review

Because of it’s weight, portability, features and performance Shark NV501 becoming the favorite vacuum cleaner of many consumers.

The weight of this vacuum is only near around 15 pounds and it comes in 3 colors Red, Grape and Green.

Shark Rotator NV501 features are specially added to enhance the cleaning performance and gave you the better clean home.

Lift-Away feature is really helpful and best feature as it provides the endless portability and ease while cleaning.

Also all the attachments makes the cleaning a really fun task. You will be able to pick the dust, dirt and allergens from every spot of your house.

Let’s check it’s features and performance below:-

#1 Lift-Away Mode

It’s a 2-in-1 vacuum, which allows you to use the vacuum in upright mode and canister mode. You can use the canister mode to clean stairs, upholstery easily.

By pushing a button you can activate the lift-away mode and and in this position you can clean the stairs. With the stairs upholstery tool you can pick almost everything from stairs.

#2 Cord Length

It comes with 30 feet long cord which makes it easy to clean the single room without changing the outlets or using extension cable.

The cord can not be rewind automatically, but there are hooks on the vacuum where you can wrap the cord.

#3 Swivel Steering

This makes it really easy to clean around or under the furniture without hitting.

The Advanced Swivel Steering allows to gently clean around the furniture. Ofcourse by using lift-away option you can clean under the furniture and swivel steering makes it easy to pick all the dirt without hitting furniture.

#4 Weight

Upright mode’s weight is 15.5 pounds which is not so heavy and not so lightweight either.

The canister mode’s weight is near around 9 pounds. So you can carry the canister to clean the stairs but after carrying for few minutes you may feel it heavy.

But there is also a caddy comes with Shark NV501, so you can place the canister there and clean the stairs without any problem.

#5 Large Dust Capacity

With it’s XL size dust bin you can clean the more area without emptying it again and again.

It’s not that big as filter takes some space in the dust cup but still it got good capacity to clean the entire room.

If your house too many carpets then you clean it more often but for small amount of carpet it works good.

#6 LED Lights

There are led lights on nozzle which makes it easy to see the dirt in dark areas.

It may not seems a big feature but you will wonder how much dirt you were missing after using it.

You will really be able to see the dirt very well with led lights on the nozzle.

Also there is a light which indicates when there is jam in the brush roll and lights turns green when brush roll is on.

#7 Anti Allergens Seal and HEPA Filtration

Now this is really good feature to have in the vacuum. When it comes to clean the allergens from the air you can hardly remove them.

But Shark NV501 can get it done and the Anti Allergens Seal and HEPA filtration makes it sure to trap the dust and allergens inside the vacuum so they can’t return to the air.

HEPA is really powerful filtration system for vacuum cleaner and it can trap 99.9% of allergens and dirt particles.

It’ like air purifier attached in vacuum cleaner so there is no chance allergens will remain in your air.

This is really great feature if you asthma or allergy problems.

#8 Attachments

All the attachments and tools comes with this vacuum are super effective and helpful to clean the house more easily.

  • Crevice Tool: The crevice tool makes it easy to clean vents, corners, staircases, refrigerator coils, sofa cushions and all other similar spots.
  • Pet Power Brush Tool: The Pet Power Brush can be used to pick the pet hair and dust from furniture, sofas, pillows and bed sheets etc.
  • Dusting Brush Tool: Also there is dusting brush tool which can be used to clean the areas where you think the dirt is left and also it can be used to clean the curtains and other spots.
  • Extension Wand: There is also Extension wand in this vacuum which can be used to pick big objects which can’t be picked by the floor nozzle. Also you can attach the attachments on it to clean other areas which requires high reach.
  • Suction Nozzle: There is suction nozzle comes with this vacuum which can be used to pick the items from wooden, ceramic and other hard floors in your home.
  • Canister caddy: While you use the vacuum in canister mode you may feel the canister heavy to pick it in your hand while cleaning. Put the canister on the caddy and you are good to go.


Let’s talk about it’s performance on the floor and picking up the pet hair.

Carpet Cleaning

Well there is no doubt this is the best carpet cleaner and you will be amazed by Shark NV501’s performance on carpets.

It picks all the things from the carpets hairs, food, leaves, dirt, dust everything.

The brush roll makes it possible to clean the carpets deeply and there won’t be anything left on your carpets.

Use it in upright position to suck the dust/dirt from carpets and get the cleaned carpet after.

Ofcourse you can’t pick the large size items but to suck them up you can use the wand no problem.

Cleaning carpets may fill your dirt bin faster because it cleans very deep and picks all the dirt and dust.

Hard Floors

Well you may not find it good on hardwood floor using the floor nozzle. It fails to pick the items like flour even after so many passes.

Also things like cheerios and balls can’t be picked with floor nozzle because of it’s height. But you can pick these items with wand.

And to clean the flour you can use the suction nozzle, it really works well on the hardwood floor.

You can turn off the brush roll so it will not harm your hardwood floor.

It picks the pet hair really well from the hardwood floor and all other hard floors.

It really works well to pick other things then flour. To pick the smaller/little objects you can use suction nozzle (hard floor attachment).

Pet Hair Cleaning

You won’t see those pet hairs around your house , if vacuum your house with NV501.

It really picks the hair very well even it can pick your hairs too. It can clean the hairs from carpet, hard floor and upholstery easily.

The brushroll, pet brush tool and dust brush tool makes it super easy to pick the hairs.

Just active the motorized brush roll in upright mode to pick the hair from carpets.

To clean the hairs from sofas and upholstery you can use the pet brush tool and dust brush tool and the hairs will be cleaned.

Check price on amazon

  • 2-in-1 Vacuum
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Swivel Steering
  • Attachments can be stored on vacuum
  • Powerful suction
  • Excellent attachments
  • Anti Allergens Seal
  • Normal sound while cleaning
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • It may feel heavy
  • For hard floor it’s okay but for carpets it’s excellent


No makes you decision clear it’s really a good vacuum under $200 and it can clean all your cleaning problems.

It comes with HEPA filtration with Anti Allergens Seal which is really good feature to have if you own pets or having asthma/allergy problem.

To clean the pet hair as well as dust, dirt and allergens it works like beast. It can clean the carpet and hard floor easily without giving you much stress.

It has brush roll on/off switch and makes it easy to use the vacuum in canister mode it provides caddy so you don’t feel the weight of canister.

The attachments works really well for what purpose they are meant for. Also the swivel steering provides extra ease to clean around furniture without hitting them.

The cord length and dirt bin capacity is also excellent to clean the more area in one go.

It will save your money as there will be no need to buy a new handheld vacuum to clean the stairs and sofas etc. You can get it done with SHARK NV501 vacuum.

So finally it’s really a good vacuum cleaner to go for in this price and with all these features.

Hello, VacuumHub is specially designed to help people get the best vacuum cleaners, keeping your house clean is important and vacuum cleaner is your best pal when it comes to cleaning. I am trying my best to help you to find the best vacuum on the market.

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