Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet Upright Vacuum Review

Shark Rotator NV752 is one of the best pet vacuum cleaners available in the market. It’s an upright vacuum cleaner and also a best budget friendly vacuum cleaner. Because same features of Shark NV752 cost you more than $400.

Shark TruePet vacuum cleaner is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and you can use it as upright or canister vacuum. You can easily clean all the hard to reach areas and also clean furniture, wall, ceiling, curtains, stairs, upholstery etc. with this amazing vacuum.

It’s a full-size vacuum which come with powered lift-away feature. You can clean each and every corner of your house easily without much hustle. It also has useful attachments to clean with more ease and it is one of the best vacuum for pet hair.

It has so many modes like upright mode, powered lift-away mode and above-floor mode which will help you to clean in different situations easily. Like upright mode can help you to clean the carpet and hardwood floor easily and also it will not hurt your back. With powered lift-away mode you can clean under the furniture and while using this mode you can easily reach hard to reach areas.

The above floor mode is best when it comes to clean ceiling, curtains, stairs, furniture, bed sheets, sofas etc. So it is really a good choice if you are looking for a all rounder vacuum cleaner for home cleaning.

Check out the review, features and performance of Share NV752 below:-

Shark NV752 Review, Features & Performance

Shark NV752 Review, Features & PerformanceThere are so many reasons that you should buy Shark rotator NV752, as it is a versatile vacuum and has more premium features at a good price.

It is the best vacuum if you own a pet, as it cleans the pet hair perfectly as well as other debris too. It can be used in different modes, mostly upright vacuum don’t allow you to clean under the furniture but with the help of Shark NV752 you can clean under the furniture also.

It comes with the cleaning that can go under the furniture and clean the hidden dirt and debris from there.

It also has LED lights on it’s handle and nozzle which will help you to clean the dark areas too and you can see the dirt which you were missing while using other vacuums.

The other reason to buy Shark NV752 is that it comes with fingertip controls on the handle and it will allow you to easily switch from carpet to hard floor with just single touch.

You will be amazed by the performance of this vacuum as it will clean the dirt and debris very good. It’s advanced steering technology provides excellent control and maneuverability around furniture and other obstacles that may stand in your way.

Some Great Features of Shark NV752

  1. 2-in-1 vacuum upright, canister and powered lift-away.
  2. Fingertip control which allows you to easily switch between carpet or bare floor
  3. HEPA filtration and washable microfiber pad
  4. Advanced swivel steering
  5. 3 different power settings for high pile carpet, low pile carpet and bare floor
  6. Cord length is superb, it comes with 30 ft. power cord
  7. LED headlights to clean the dark areas easily
  8. Superb mini brush, especially to remove the stubborn pet hair
  9. 5 year warranty

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  • Settings: three settings on the handle – low pile carpet, high pile carpet, and hard floors
  • Pet Brush
  • Filters are washable
  • HEPA filtaion
  • LED headlights
  • Canister is easy to empty
  • Cord length
  • Vacuum felt top heavy
  • Only room for two attachments connected to unit for storage (others need to be put in closet)
  • Swivel feature not as smooth as a Dyson
  • Easily trips over if you’re not careful pulling the hose.

Mini-Motorized Brush

If you have pet then this mini-motorized brush is going to help you to pick the hair from all surfaces. It can suck every hair and large debris and it also provides deep cleaning so it will suck the hair and debris completely. The brush picks up scattered pet hair from bare floor or  carpet. Moreover, the brush picks dust or mites completely. It offers clean and hygienic floor. The tool is great annexation for this shark vacuum cleaner.

HEPA Filters

HEPA filtration is plus point as if you got allergies or asthma problem then it will be very good as it will clean the air and also remove the debris from your house. In most cases, you’d not find that technology in the other vacuum cleaners. Mostly brand doesn’t design vacuum with HEPA filters, there is an enormous possibility to get attacked with allergens and dust that leads to asthma.

It comes with HEPA filters and these filters are washable too so you can reuse them. HEPA traps the allergens perfectly and there is no problem of suction loss. You will always get the perfectly clean and fresh air to breath. No chances to get infected with a dust allergy.

LED Headlights

As we already told you, LED headlights are the reason you should buy this vacuum as it will help you to clean in the dark areas too. You can also clean under the furniture with this vacuum with the headlights you will be able to see the dust and hairs etc easily.

Also you will be able to pick the dirt from behind the cabinets or other furniture.

Today most of the brands offer LED lights but shark rotator NV752 lights are really powerful and believe us you will able to clean the dirt which you was missing with other vacuums. it’s really cool to clean with the headlights.

Dynamic Swivel Steering

Shark NV752 comes with Shark’s advanced steering technology which provides excellent control when maneuvering around furniture and other obstacles that may stand in your way.

It will help you to clean the floor and around the furniture easily. As without much force you will be able to steer around corners and it also fits between most chair and table legs.

Final Words

Shark NV752 is truly made for those who own pets as it comes with affordable price and also comes with great features. It has HEPA filtration, swivel steering, LED lights and good attachments for better cleaning.

It is a well-designed vacuum and a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner so you can use it as per the cleaning requirements. It also allows consumers to clean under the furniture with unparalleled flexibility.

Suction is also great and it can pick the dirt, pet hair, dust and allergies without any problem. In terms of features and reach, I’d go with this.

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